Accumulating sales with AVON is not an issue in this market due to the "personal care" aspect of the product line, even when the economy is not the greatest. However when it comes to how productive you can be, why not cover less ground and get more customers at the same time? Have I got your attention yet? The key to this method are "helpers". Helpers are people that simply adore their AVON, and are more than willing to collect orders for you from their workmates in return for a discount and occasional "goodie"! I have about a dozen of these helpers myself, but know of some who have several dozen. I will sacrifice the profit from 1 of my customers order to get 20 or 30 at full price on product sales. Believe doesn't take many helpers to realize a larger selling campaign is on the horizon. Once you establish 1 helper you now have access to, in some instances, hundreds of customers you didn't have before. It is not un-heard of to have customers that you may have never even met before, due to your helper being the go-between. Eventually you may decide to finally introduce yourself to some of these customers, but again...your helper is earning their trust for you and already has an established working relationship so you may decide to leave well enough alone...your choice!

This happens to be the method of choice for the majority of the most successful AVON representatives out there. Some may say it is a trade secret seldom shared, but all should have an even playing field in this stingy economy. The nice thing about AVON products, is that these items are things that people are going to not do without- makeup, bath and body products, hair care, and sooo much more. Some people have discovered that by choosing AVON over the more costly products out there, that AVON has a quality that is superior to the one they used previously!

Make sure and reward your helpers generously...but don't let it "break the bank" so to speak, after all you are in the business to make money. A modest 20% discount for 5 or more orders  over $25.00 is a reasonable start. Increase that with different incentives as they provide more orders for you, and ALWAYS require them to collect the money for you before you deliver their products. This can be communicated by a simple email notification to that helper a day or two ahead of delivery day, so  they have a chance to forward that email to your customers, and collect the money. Over time, you may notice that others want to be your helpers too! Make the same deal with them, and so on...and so on!

Ideally, If you could develop an AVON route that targets a group of 12-24 helpers who each garner 5 orders of at least $25.00, you are looking at sales in upwards of $1500-$3000 per campaign...That is in the 50% category, and would mean $750-$1500....IN YOUR POCKET...FOR YOU!!! Who couldn't use that in THIS day and age!!! Try these methods and see if it works to your liking. You may find you need to tinker with the method in order to suit your needs and schedule, but this is a FINE way to increase your sales, tap a customer base that doesn't get contacted by many,  and provide more money in your pocket! Please feel free to contact me with your success stories, and I will include them on a future blog!!! UNTIL NEXT TIME!                                                            EMAIL Use Ref. Code: wkemper                        SELL AVON                                                        BUY AVON