Do you live in New York, Boston, or Philadelphia? Perhaps you live in Detroit, Columbus, or Indianapolis? Maybe you live in Phoenix, Alburqeurque, or Dallas....You may even live in Denver, Los Angeles, or Reno! No matter where you live, it couldn't be a better time to join AVON and become your own boss. This dreary economy looks as if it isn't getting any better, and some extra cash for the holiday season probably sounds pretty good right about now Huh? Here is the low down on how to get it done:

You can make anywhere from 20-50% commission selling AVON, just depends on what you sell, and how much you sell. AVON has a real nice incentive currently running for new reps. As long as you can place your orders online, and the orders are at least $50.00, AVON will guarantee you a 40% commission in your first 4 selling campaigns!!! (each campaign is 2 weeks long, so in other words, your first 2 months of being a representative)

Usually that is good enough incentive to start selling in itself, but the other nice incentive is your startup fee for signing on is only $20.00! That starter kit that AVON provides for you includes the following:

Your first 20 catalogs
Your first box of samples
AVON order book
Your AVON Tote Bag
And a couple of informative DVD's

You are given this startup pack as soon as you sign on. AVON has now made it easier than ever for you to sign-up to sell. AVON now allows prospects to sign themselves up, without the hassle of hunting down someone to set an appointment with. Yes, you can sign up in the comfort of your own home. You simply go to the following official AVON web site: & enter the ref code: wkemper

After you enter in the information, AVON will prompt you to fill own the appointment questionnaire which usually takes about 10 min. to fill out. After you pay your appointment fee on AVON's secure site, you will be congratulated and welcomed to AVON!!! You will receive all of your account information, and directions on how to complete your enrollment by registering at the website.

Once you register you have total access to the official representative web site, That is where you will be placing your orders, and taking whatever free online training classes you would like. You are not required to take these classes, but I will tell you that they are extremely helpful in getting to know your new business. AVON will send out your starter kit the same day you sign up, so that you can have that in your hands in just a few days from the day you signup.

Please feel free to give me a call directly if you have ANY questions whatsoever. The sign up page has a FAQ section, as well as a video you can see, but may not answer everything you would like to know. Please be assured, if this method is not to your liking we can help you by phone. So PLEASE feel free to contact me at the following email:

Thanks for your interest in selling AVON!!! Hope to hear from you soon!

Wayne Kemper
AVON Executive Unit Leader
Presidents Club Member
Learn More At: For Training & Useful Information On The Subject