Hey Gang!

Ahhhh summertime!!! Typically called the lazy daze or dog daze, conceived as a diliciously carefree and festive season with few cares. OOOKKKK...perhaps to a degree, but lets not forget we have a business to run you guys! And I've got some more good news...WE CAN HAVE FUN DOING IT!!! How you may say. Well, think back to that moment you first started selling AVON, and the excitement that ran through you as you envisioned your financial freedom, and rescuing your personal time back from the man! Cooled off a bit have you?....lol! Well, let's consider a way you can revive that wonderous feeling again.


It REALLY is that simple. I'm not gonna lie to you though and give you a gig of "ohhhhh this is soooo easy! It's not hard at all, you will be making money in your sleep"....No, it DOES take hard work to get to your goals. Anything in life worth it's promise takes alot of hard work. However, Enthusiasim is contaigous, and people are VERY smart. If you display your unbridled fondness for AVON and how much fun your having, chances are good that you will have a few people rubbing their chins with interest wanting to know more. You dont even do it all at once....here and there as you spend time with them, and when you see the time is right....... REEL'EM IN!

What some of us don't readily think of, is this is the time of the year that folks are looking for a way to make extra mooola. Maybe it is for the upcoming holiday season, perhaps it's for a nest egg to get them through the winter, Perhaps it is to off-set the expenses of energy use through the season, it really could be anything!

If sharing your joy doesn't interest you, then perhaps it's a possible fast start bonus of $500.00. Maybe your motivation is building a long term, risidual income that will always be there when your needs are the greatest. Whatever your motivation is, YOU CAN DO IT!!! All you need is a little fire burning in you named determination! Fire spreads quick, and with telling others about your enjoyment, you will find signing people on is addictive!!! Speaking for myself, once I started I couldnt stop! If not just for the thrill of growing my income, I met alot of great people and got them excited as well.

In closing, remember....a fire can spread quick, and all it really takes is a small amount of determination until it grows into something that everybody cannot help but see! If you have an interest in taking  back control of your time, Please dont hesitate to email me at waynekemper@yahoo.com Just mention the Blog, and we will get you started! If i'm not available...I will call you back, please just leeave a message mentioning the blog, and we will get you started on the path to your financial freedom!

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