For most people, the thought of working from home and making a VERY NICE living is a pleasant one. Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss and set their own schedule right? Many times unfortunantely, the notion is felt to be  unrealistic, and it is quickly dispelled into the forgotten garbage heap in the back of our minds. Now…take a deep breath…you ready? DIG THAT THOUGHT RIGHT OUT OF THERE!!! HA!

Perhaps working from home isn’t that hard to achieve! Selling AVON Products just so happens to allow you to come on board for an amazingly low price of $20. Nowhere can you start your own business for only $20! But with that you get all your start up materials, and in a matter of just a few days you are outfitted with the tools of success needed to rise to the top of the pack. If you haven’t had the opportunity yet to read through any of this website, you will surely want to do so. It just so happens that is a member of the elite AVON downline of the AVON NOVA group, the single largest leadership group in the United States of America! What this can mean for you is that we are not only motivated to assure you success in your newly formed Avon business, but we also can get you to your ultimate goals financially.

Don't Put Up With This Any Longer! Stick It To The Man And Take Back Control Of Your Time. You Don't Deserve This.

Don't Put Up With This Any Longer! Stick It To The Man And Take Back Control Of Your Time. You Don't Deserve This.

Anything worth what it promises takes hard work without a doubt, and we aren’t going to promise you that if you sign up to sell Avon that you can sit in your chair and do nothing. What we CAN promise you though, is that if you have a goal of making it in the direct sales arena, we can make that happen! It truely takes a special person who can visualize the long term aspect of their goals. We invite you to look through and consider the secrets of how to be a successful Avon Representative. Perhaps you have sold Avon in the past but you didn’t do very well, or maybe a family emergency came at just the wrong time and that prevented you from moving forward in this business. Whatever the case was, No time is better than to give AVON a chance once more. This time you can attach yourself to a team of influencial & goal realizing individuals who won’t drop you like a bag of potatoes once you sign up. Our commitment to you is REAL!

Make 20%-50% commission, learn ideas on selling Avon that you have never considered before, and meet people who love Avon products and are tickled to have found you!!! Did you know that 98% of people ask for an Avon book after you tell them you are selling the products??? Did you know that 95% of people today are looking for an extra income that they don’t have to spend alot of time at??? If you share with your contacts how to join Avon and just how simple it can be to do this, they will truely thank you for the opportunity! Most people I speak to and educate on the subject love the innovative beauty products and love the earning opportunity associated with Avon.

 5 years ago I would have never considered becoming an Avon representative, and now am I ever glad I took that “leap of faith” so to speak and taken control of my time. The freedom that I have obtained by doing this is unmatched. Could I have been successful doing this in the dog eat dog world of working for the man? VERY UNLIKELY!!! I invite you to visit www.start.youravon.comand enter the Reference Code: wkemper . What you will find is a FAQ section that will ease your possible concerns. Please know as well that you are welcome to contact me personally at with any questions you may have. In closing, it would be my honor to help you reach that grand goal of TRUE financial freedom!!! Use Ref. Code: wkemper                                               SELL AVON                                                                    BUY AVON                                                 PERSONAL BUSINESS WEBSITE                                                                                                 MERCHANT CIRCLE WEBSITE