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Money is hard to come by in this staggering economy. Many people are considering working from home to cut down on their expenses. Some who may have never considered direct sales are now discovering that to sell AVON is a particularly attractive option. How can you join AVON and get ahead of the game? Simply follow the steps listed above! You will have your kit in just a few days, and you will find the ease and enjoyment of providing a product many are looking for.

How much money can you make if you sell Avon?

As a NEW Avon Rep you make 40% off your first 4 campaigns(about 2 months time) if the orders are $50 or larger and you submit them online. After that here is what we can make:

Order Size Earnings
$1550 or more 50%
$900 – $1549 45%
$425 – $899 40%
$285 – $424 35%
$145 – $284 30%
$25 – $144 20%
$00 – $24 0%
Licensed products are earned at 20% commission.(like clothing or household goods)

So as you can see, the more Avon we sell, the more money we can make.

Keep in mind that you can also sell Avon online via your own Avon website, which is also the only way Avon allows us to sell Avon online. Avon does charge about $15 a month for it, but have been waving the fee for new Avon reps during their first 6 campaigns (about 3 months time) or if we have at least one order per campaign. If you have friends or family in other parts of the country who would like to buy Avon, this is the best way for them to buy it from you. We do make a lower percentage (20%) on our web sales, but they count toward our sales totals and we don’t have to deal with the product as Avon ships it directly to them including a new Avon brochure.

We also have to order and pay for more Avon brochures and the prices are as follows:
Ordered in Packs of 10.

Pack # Brochures Cost Each Total
1    10 brochures    $.59    $5.90
2    20 brochures    $.41    $8.20
3    30 brochures    $.35    $10.50
4    40 brochures    $.311    $12.45
5    50 brochures    $.268    $13.40
6    60 brochures    $.245    $14.70
7    70 brochures    $.227    $15.90
8    80 brochures    $.216    $17.25
9    90 brochures    $.205    $18.45
10  100 brochures    $.195    $19.55

11 or more packs: $19.55 (for first 10 packs)
+ $1.35 for each additional pack

Use this fantastic opportunity to take a firm hold on your financial freedom! If you are a college student, stay at home mom, or laid off husband or father....a career with AVON is within your reach. SIGNUP TO SELL AVON TODAY!!!

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AVON Executive Unit Leader
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