Hey Gang!

What good is it to tell your 1st grader to count to 50, without training them to do so? Whats the point of telling your teenager to buy milk at the store if they have never handled money? You see where I am going with this? When you sign up a new rep.....YOU GOTTA TRAIN'EM!!! I know your excited you inspired them to take control of their time, and the prospect of their efforts rewarding you down the road...but wait a minute...how can they reach their dreams, and how can they generate a commission for you if they don't know the first thing to do now that they are signed up?

Don't fall into the trap of saying to yourself, "they will figure it out...it's not that hard...I had to do it that way." STOP THE INSANITY!!!! LOL

Listen, first off you remember the difficulty of the learning curve, right? You remember how much you wished you had a helping hand (or appreciated the helping hand) when you first started. If you are ever going to retain your new recruit, INVEST the time and energy to make them GREAT...JUST LIKE YOU! I'm not gonna lie to you, it may take some time to converse with them regarding questions they may have. It may takegoing with them to your local district meeting. It may even take walking them through an online training course or two before they have the confidence to go it alone. Whatever the case, you cannot just leave them like a bunch a loggerhead turtles buried in the sand!!! Granted....a few MIGHT make it out to the ocean on their own, but consider the retention of new reps. you can attain if you just stay the course and train them proper!!!

Now in no way am I trying to imply that you must babysit your downline. I am a BIG advocate of training to a point, and then letting them fly. They have to want it at some point enough to make it on their own. (after all, you have new fledglings to attend to.) However, they must be shown HOW to fly before they become full grown eagles.

The most important thing for your new recruit to have is a phone number they can easily get hold of you, like a cell number. They will without a doubt especially early on, have questions. Help them by making yourself available. Second, direct them to AVON's Online training that is provided thru www.youravon.com. These training classes are invaluable to new reps. learning their way around. Offer to provide ideas on how they can increase their sales, wether it is online or a new exciting method you have had success with. Remember that your building of a solid downline does nothing but increase YOUR wealth....SO SPILL THE BEANS!!!....AND FEED YOUR HUNGRY FLEDGLINGS!!!........LOL

Please know that I am ALWAYS available thru my email, or direct line. HAPPY AVONING!!!!!


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