Today could be the start of a beautiful partnership! Not with a person or a pet, but a company for women that has withstood the test of time for over 125 years. If you are looking to supplement your income in an economy that is still rather sluggish, consider an old friend. AVON products are more than just purfume and makeup now! We have clothing, trendy fashion jewelry, cookware, and award winning bath & body products.

If your like me, the thought of sending my 4 year old son to a daycare wasn’t appealing. By Selling AVON, I work from home and help support a healthy home environment for him and my wife of 13 years, Brandy. I have found a few tricks of the trade that generate excellent sales, and progressive recruiting methods that generate above average appointment retention. AVON has truely been good to me and my family and can do the exact same thing for you! Please allow me to explain how this can be done and start adding $$$ to your pocket as well!